Lethbridge International Film Festival, or LIFF, is over 30 years old. Its origins go back to the World Citizen Centre, whose mandate included educating the public about the developing world.

Film is an excellent media to broaden horizons. It can provide a glimpse into how people in far-off places live and arouse an interest in some of the issues they face.

Many of the films screened at LIFF screens are introduced by a discussant, knowledgeable about the setting and/or the subject matter. A lively audience discussion often follows the film.

LIFF is a registered society and is partnered with Lethbridge Public Library where the festival has been held since 2001.  


Trevor Page (President)

Carol Darmody (Vice-President)

Charmaine Bonifacio (Treasurer)

Sharon Prenevost (Secretary)

Sheila Braund (Director/Lethbridge Public Library Member)

Manju P. Acharya (Director)